Love Is

Hello.  Thank you for stopping by my blog.  You are among the first.
I have been trying to think of what to write to start, and it occurred to me to write about “Love Is.”
My husband-to-be was drafted in the Army in 1969. His tour of duty was in Anchorage, Alaska.  We got married, and I joined him in Alaska a couple months later.  That was a wonderful opportunity for me, but I was so far away from home. 
One of my favorite comics at the time was from the Los Angeles Times, by Kim Casali.  It was called “Love Is.”  Every cartoon was of a girl and boy along with that day’s saying of what their love is.  My Mom and Dad, to help me stay connected to home, sent me every “Love Is” clipping they saw.  I have them in my nightstand drawer; I have hundreds of them.  As I look through them right now, they still bring me the joy they did many years ago.  I see that my dad even made comments on them, to personalize them.  Mom clipped each one with pinking shears.

Today they still apply.
As I think about what my “Love Is” I could fill a page, but narrowing it down, it would be:
     Seeing my two daughters happy.
     Without any conditions loving those closest to me.
     Receiving old fashioned hand written letters.
     Feeding the quail in the back yard.
     Being in the fish bowl with Creative Thursday fishies.
     Sitting in my green room studio, quietly creating.
What is your “Love Is?”